Connecting global minds with rural Japan

What is the most challenging thing about living in Japan? Is it the language, the Japanese food, or the climate? Of course, with time, you become accustomed to these things. However, unless you engage with Japanese society and become a part of the community, you will never understand what is in their hearts. You will miss a rare opportunity to explore this beautiful country full of tradition, culture, and great ideas.

We believe that travel is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in Japanese culture. As a destination management company specializing in Japan's San’ in region, we would like you to be a part of our efforts to bring foreign guests to rural areas. By shining a spotlight on the hidden charms and sharing your experiences you can help connect others to what this area has to offer.

Please become a member of the San'in Traveler Facebook community, where you will find information on tours and activities that you can participate in for a minimal fee. Our staff will help guide you, so the language isn’ t a hurdle. It’ s a great way to connect with locals and learn more about the area and its people.

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More than a trip

Tavikala Co., Ltd. is a destination management company (DMC) based in the San’in region. The area is located along the Sea of Japan's coastline in western Honshu and is one of the least traveled areas in Japan. We want to showcase the plethora of hidden gems that haven’t been widely discovered yet.

Who we are

We are the only travel experts in the San’in area specializing in foreign tourism.We operate an online travel platform that provides tourist activities and tours in the San’in region. In addition, we offer bespoke activities and tailor-made tours with English-speaking local guides.

How we do what we do best.

We open up rural Japan for our guests to visit without worrying about communication, culture, and coordination.

⇒Our more than 15 years of industry experience have enabled us to build strong relationships with the local communities, making it easy to coordinate and develop unique travel adventures.

⇒We work closely with tourist information bureaus of rural towns, so we have all the best information that only locals know about.

⇒Our storytellers (local guides) are great communicators, and most of them have lived in foreign countries. You won’t have to worry about language or cultural barriers with these experts as your guides.

What's so unique?

The Japanese countryside can be far away for foreign visitors both physically and mentally. Visitors may miss out on these hidden beauties because of language barriers, cultural misunderstandings, or a lack of information.
However, the Japanese countryside is a symbol of the Japanese identity and the original landscape of the country.
Our goal is to become a bridge between the locals and foreigners. We hope to revitalize the Japanese country through tourism and create unforgettable memories for everyone.